The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a positive and authoritative personality; a very solid and practical individual with individualistic qualities. The Aquarius side of this nature brings originality and independence, but this is tempered by the conservatism, deep ambition and caution of Capricorn. Your calm persistence, deep determination and talent for cold calculation or prudent thinking assure sound judgment and realistic evaluation of conditions or situations. You know your course in life and you are not one to be diverted by emotional factors. Restless at times, you need to keep busy in your profession, business or public life. You have a powerful sense of responsibility and deep seriousness to your nature. Business responsibilities may be heavy. You have great inner sources that enhance your personality. This is a combination that shows the talent to cope with large enterprises and for handling large numbers of people. You have strong, deeply rooted convictions and ideals, and you conduct your business with a strict code of ethics. You are a natural executive with humanitarian leanings, as you combine friendliness and fair play with your strict business principles. You strive more for power and authority than for wealth and material success.