The combination of your Sun and your Moon sign produces a personality that is somewhat akin to a gust of wind. It can be powerful and forceful, but lacks constancy and is often subject to direction changes. Your impact on an issue can be amazing while your interest in maintained, but you're apt to leave the project half finished and be off to another. As long as you are dedicated and enthused things move swiftly, but as soon as you tire of concentrating, you move on to something more interesting and more exciting, uncommitted and unchained by emotional ties. This attitude may apply to people just as it does to projects or tasks, and you may abandon a relationship without so much as a "fair thee well." Your circle of friends may be wide, but few are close or enduring. Marriage is very important to you, but settling down to a stable relationship will be difficult and will take some time. You have a somewhat frivolous attitude about living life, and a tendency to ignore conventions and rules of conduct can cause you to be periodically ostracized or criticized. Your outlook is broad and tolerant, and you are very forgiving of others for their errors as you hope they will be forgiving of yours. You have an ability to analyze and categorize people in a very effective way. You know how to sell yourself or sell your product with forcefulness and persuasiveness without being objectionable, and your ability to success depends on heavily on this asset.