The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very uncontrollable personality charged with the desire for intellectual freedom, travel, adventure, and the quest for excitement. You are frank, honest, restless, never stop learning and growing. Your highly individualistic nature has you running in high gear nearly all the time. You are the type that knows a little bit about many things, and you're sure to have an opinion on about any subject that comes up. Oddly enough, though your knowledge is often rather superficial, your quick wit and gift for oratory makes you a debater to be reckoned with. Your honesty and frankness can lead you into difficulties at times; your mind works so quick that tact and diplomacy sometimes are forgotten in your instantaneous repartees. Your witty personality, quickness of mind, and facility of thought will take you far. This is perhaps one of the most independent combinations. Deciding on your lifes work sticking to a plan may not be easy. You simply must the freedom of mind, body and spirit. Highly social and outgoing, your conversation skills are admired by all.