Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system. It is the ninth heavenly body astrologically.


Neptune, another of the outer Planets, was discovered in 1846. Its slow orbit around our Zodiac ensures that its effect is generational in nature.

Neptune's glyph is the trident of Poseidon, God of the Seas. Much about this Planet is fluid (Neptune rules the oceans of the Earth), changeable and illusory in nature. Dreams, illusion, abstract thought and the mysterious are all governed by Neptune. Our spirituality is important to this Planet, and how we harness that energy for our personal betterment. Neptune invites us to let its energy wash over us and to use a meditative state to gain insights and heightened awareness. Poetry, music and dance are among the trance-like activities which this Planet favors.

Neptune does have its showier side, as it rules movies, television, theater, fashion and all forms of glamour. In essence, Neptune is creating an illusion -- of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within. Neptune has a mystique which doesn't reveal itself easily. It can be a poser, too, dabbling in flattery -- and subversion.

The shadow side of Neptune is akin to the aging star who cannot make one more curtain. When the lights are low, this Planet plays in a netherworld of drugs, alcohol, trances and hypnosis. Neptunian energy reeks of escapism on its darker days, a sea of delusion, hypochondria and abnormality. Sleep and dreams are also lorded over by this Planet. At the end of the day, Neptune keeps coming at you -- how will you receive it?

It takes Neptune 165 years to complete its whirl around the Zodiac, spending roughly 14 years at each Sign. It is feminine energy and rules Pisces and the Twelfth House. Neptune is known as the higher octave of Venus and is the second of the transcendental Planets.

Neptune in the SignsEdit

Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Taurus

Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Cancer

Neptune in Leo

Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in HousesEdit

Neptune in the First House

Neptune in the Second House

Neptune in the Third House

Neptune in the Fourth House

Neptune in the Fifth House

Neptune in the Sixth House

Neptune in the Seventh House

Neptune in the Eighth House

Neptune in the Ninth House

Neptune in the Tenth House

Neptune in the Eleventh House

Neptune in the Twelfth House

Aspects of NeptuneEdit

Neptune conjunction Sun

Neptune sextile Sun

Neptune square Sun

Neptune trine Sun

Neptune opposition Sun

Neptune conjunction Mercury

Neptune sextile Mercury

Neptune square Mercury

Neptune trine Mercury

Neptune opposition Mercury

Neptune conjunction Venus

Neptune sextile Venus

Neptune square Venus

Neptune trine Venus

Neptune opposition Venus

Neptune conjunction Moon

Neptune sextile Moon

Neptune square Moon

Neptune trine Moon

Neptune opposition Moon

Neptune conjunction Mars

Neptune sextile Mars

Neptune square Mars

Neptune trine Mars

Neptune opposition Mars

Neptune conjunction Jupiter

Neptune sextile Jupiter

Neptune square Jupiter

Neptune trine Jupiter

Neptune opposition Jupiter

Neptune conjunction Saturn

Neptune sextile Saturn

Neptune square Saturn

Neptune trine Saturn

Neptune opposition Saturn

Neptune conjunction Uranus

Neptune sextile Uranus

Neptune square Uranus

Neptune trine Uranus

Neptune opposition Uranus

Neptune conjunction Pluto

Neptune sextile Pluto

Neptune square Pluto

Neptune trine Pluto

Neptune opposition Pluto

Neptune conjunct Ascendant

Neptune sextile Ascendant

Neptune square Ascendant

Neptune trine Ascendant

Neptune opposition Ascendant

Neptune conjunct Midheaven

Neptune sextile Midheaven

Neptune square Midheaven

Neptune trine Midheaven

Neptune opposition Midheaven

Neptune conjunct North Node

Neptune sextile North Node

Neptune square North Node

Neptune trine North Node

Neptune opposition North Node

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