The Second House describes both inner and outer resources. We draw on emotional and mental inner resources in dealing with the situations with which life presents us. These assets form our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Our outer resources are our finances and physical possessions: movable property that we own (as opposed to real estate). These assets form our sense of security. Some of us identify with what we own; others with what we are. They both, however, are what we value, and we attract to us what we value. Thus the second house is where we build in true value and our power of attraction. Planets here show how and to what we are attached, and the degree of our possessiveness.

Classically speaking, this house also symbolizes our strongest desires, and the manner in which we meet our obligations. Isabelle Hickey said that this house indicated "that which the life is dedicated to redeem," and is thus related to one’s peace of mind. Geometrically, the second house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the eastern horizon and the nadir occupied by planets two to four hours before they rise.

With Neptune in your second house you're either very idealistic when it comes to possessions, finance, and how you make your living; or, if your Neptune is afflicted, you will be deceived by yourself or others in your financial dealings. In any event, some sacrifice as well as absolute honesty is called for in how you acquire your assets, and with regard to what you possess and depend upon. You generally have poor judgment with finances, and it's not a good idea to build up too much debt by buying on credit. With Neptune here your resources are best invested when used for the benefit or in the service of others.

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