Neptune sextile the Ascendant shows that you have difficulty in expressing yourself and often give people the wrong impression. You have a fertile imagination, and you usually embroider your accounts with embellishments that distort your meaning and confuse your listeners. Because of this, people are guarded in dealing with you. In your eagerness for conversation and attention, you unconsciously create situations that don't exist, or invent stories about situations that never occurred. You can put this talent for imagery to better use if you apply it to constructive activities such as writing, public speaking, or acting.

Although you downgrade your abilities, your friends recognize how inspired you are in your creative expression. They find you charming and friendly, but also rather naive and defenseless. You show an interest in the conditions of your immediate environment, and feel some pain of guilt if you fail to do something to correct negative conditions. In spite of this, you may give endless excuses for neglecting to take action. Your reasoning may be that since other people seem unwilling to make a contribution, you need not feel badly about your negligence.

You get along well with most people because you never seem to threaten them by competing openly. People are misled by your sympathetic and docile nature into thinking that you won't challenge them.

It isn't easy for you to make decisions. You find it difficult to isolate the most important facts so that you can arrive at a sound judgement. When you fail at something, you may indulge in self-pity for your incompetence. It is especially important for you not to compare your performance with anyone else's. If you do, you will invariably assume that the other person is superior to you. Your self-confidence can be improved only if you take on tasks that you know you can handle successfully. You can do a lot if you stay within your limits. As your confidence increases, you can add more demanding duties. It is important that you approve of what you accomplish.

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