During the past century, there has been only one aspect made between Neptune and Pluto, and it is interesting to note that the sextile commenced in the midst of World War II during 1942. The influence of this relationship would be expected to have global and generational effects; and, like all of the transpersonal planetary energies, would be a directive force stimulating the development of the evolutionary process within time and space.

Neptune will attract an almost mystical exploratory search from those responsive to it; and since the sextile commenced science has reacted in two distinct and complementary directions: effort has been poured into developing spave travel and satellite technology, exploring the vast outer universe through radio-telescopes, for example; while the complementary exploration of inner space - investigating and probing the building blocks of matter - and quantum physics has emerged at the forefront of scientific enquiry.

The attempts to understand the nature of the universe, its composition and size, the possible creation of the universe and the 'big bang theory' reflect the traditional Western way of looking externally. What has paralleled this tendency has been the birth of an opposite movement amongst people, that of self-exploration, the inner mystical way. This has been through the New Age movement, humanistic / Jungian psychology, occult techniques, and the rebirth of magical attitudes towards life. It has also involved the grafting onto the Western tree of many of the attitudes and much of the knowledge of Eastern philosophies and religions; a merging of the two hemispheres; a potential unification of belief structures reflecting the scientific movement towards a more mystically orientated quantum physics.

As the outer universe becomes vaster, and the inner universe becomes a mysterious vastness of space, the only point in which the outer and the inner become reconciled is in the human being. At a time when the immense destructive power of splitting the atom can be used to commit racial suicide or genocide, the old Mystery School injunction of the ancients is the key to the future: 'Man, know thyself'.

The generations born after this aspect commenced, or those especially receptive to its influence, are aware of the basic tendencies emanating from it. They are life-enhancing: the need to protect the world's environment from senseless devastation; the need to extend individual rights and freedoms, to unfold international co-operation and to move beyond an embracing consumer materialist dominance in the West. The recognition that potentially a higher quality of life can be had in the world for the majority of people through a redirection of resources (if the will is there) can lead to radical change.

The energies of transformation are present, and much depends upon our use of them, individually and collectively, for negative or positive results. The challenge of 'free will' is to make choices and decisions which determine, in the present, the nature of the future.

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