Neptune square the Ascendant shows that you are overly sensitive to criticism. Because of this, you often fail to assert yourself when you should defend yourself against adversaries. You are never sure of your ability to succeed in competition, and you may choose to avoid challenges until you feel more competent. The line of communication between you and your parents was faulty, which made it difficult for you to win their support and encouragement for a specific career. It will be a long time before you really know what you want out of life, so choosing a career will be difficult. You tend to daydream instead of doing something to actively express your creative ability. Always seeking the ideal, you are disappointed with anything less.

Your imagination is well-developed, but you lack the determination to benefit from it. You consider yourself far less talented than your competitors, and tend to relegate yourself to a position of unimportance beside them. Although you have a high regard for education, you are lazy about finding the means to get one. You have to work doubly hard to compensate for your lack of opportunities to develop your potentials. Your efforts are often unrewarding because you tend to spread your interests too widely. You must confine yourself to specific fields of endeavor if you want to derive any benefits.

You are easily victimized by the people you deal with because you are too willing to believe them, and you always give them the benefit of the doubt. You often misunderstand those who have authority over you because you don't want to hear the truth if you suspect it might be painful. In the same way, you may be misunderstood by others, who will question your motives in dealing with them.

You should try to find a career that ties in somehow with the needs of the masses. You are very sensitive to observed social injustices, and feel that if you can correct them, you will earn the appreciation of others and gain spiritual credits too.

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