Neptune trine the Ascendant gives you such deep sensitiveity that it is extremely difficult for you to be satisfied in personal relations. Your expectations can rarely be fulfilled, for you seek the ideal human relationship. A romanticist at heart, you attribute to people qualities they don't possess and hten you are disappointed when they let you down. Instead of dwelling on this, you should concentrate on developing your creative ideas. With your imagination and flair for translating your thoughts into inspired action, this should not be difficult. You can easily compensate for the dissatisfaction of personal relationships by channeling your talents into artistic endeavors, where you can be fully appreciated. In the beginning, you may have to settle for meager returns from your efforts, until you acquire the skill of a true and dedicated artist. There are also many other ways to use your talents besides in artistic pursuits. It might be a source of great joy for you to work with young people and children, and see them develop under your influence.

You tend to dwell on your character faults, especially if others have pointed them out to you. Forget them and go on to develop your abundant positive qualities. You are inclined to feel that you must do more than others in order to get the recognition you deserve. But take care that you don't become a victim of friends who try to take advantage of your indulgent nature. You are not afraid to work hard if your efforts are appreciated. Knowing that you can make a contribution to society in some way, you must persist in finding out what it is, in spite of reversals. You should bring your creative gifts before the public and give your interpretation of what is needed to improve the quality of life for everyone. You can demonstrate your spiritual concern for man by actively helping to arouse every individual to use his or her highest values to make the world a better place in which to live.

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