The high idealism of Neptune and the awareness of social responsibility of Saturn will be prominent, and will stimulate an inner motivation intent on sharing in the ongoing work of social improvement. You should have a natural insight into social issues, and this coupled with a keen perception can help you to indicate those core problems that require resolution; in addition, you are able to offer constructive solutions to such problem areas, and are able to work with or within existing social organisations or governmental bodies to influence suitable changes to be made. In particular, you enjoy restoring 'order from chaos' and making use of forgotten and ignored resources.

There can be a tendency to sit back and observe social decline and contentious issues without choosing to become more actively involved, but this would be a waste of your own talents and a denial of that sense of social obligation. Your idealism has strong moral and ethical roots, and you could feel uncomfortable if you ignored those inner promptings. Direct activism may not be your preferred mode of involvement, but you may find your role perhaps through communicating to others the facts about certain problematic social issues, especially through the medium of writing and analysis.

You tend to have an absorbent intelligence, which accumulates considerable information and knowledge easily, and which is a resource that you should be able to utilise. The level of imagination is high and active, and this too can be personally used in a variety of ways, giving a spark of life to the ideas that you have for personal and social development. You may have difficulty in deciding exactly how to use your own resources, and the ideal may be to become involved in work which has a definite social dimension. Such work can include community welfare, law, social services, environmental concerns, finance, management, media, film, photography.

Friends find that you are a reliable support in times of crisis, and you are equally willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. Neptune inspires you towards compassionate feelings, both for people you know and for strangers.

If the spiritual quality of Neptune is active (and not so overshadowed by a dominating Saturn), then you are likely to be attracted towards spiritual or occult groups, where your talents can find ways of expression. Meditation and visualisation work should be enhanced by Neptune, and anchoring the energies in suitable forms should be enhanced by Saturn. Learning to trust your intuition will lead you to rely on it even more over time, and this could be a vital step forward in your own development.

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