We see a trine in a chart when two planets are 120 degrees from each other. As with the other major Aspects, the acceptable orb for a trine is eight degrees. This Aspect possesses a soft energy.

Trines are approximately four Signs apart by virtue of their 120 angle. As a result, we can expect the planets involved to usually be of the same Element, be it Fire, Air, Earth or Water.

A trine allows for the easy flow of energy between two planets. This Aspect is generally favorable, and light and joyous in nature. Translated to the individual, trines are indicative of fun, creativity, an easy spirit and bounteous talent. Pleasure is the byword here, coupled with a sense of idealism and ease in doing things. If there is a shadow side to a trine (or to the presence of several trines in a horoscope), it is a willingness to do little, to accept gifts already bestowed and leave it at that. The beauty of a trine's energy is that it doesn't require much action to be activated. One is often blessed with minimal effort. The presence of trines in a horoscope also serve to balance out other less-favorable Aspects.

A Grand Trine is present when three planets, all in the same element, are approximately 120 degrees from each other. This formation signals great creativity and largesse. A Grand Trine takes on the characteristics of the element it represents. For example, a Grand Fire Trine carries with it considerable drive, while a Grand Air Trine is more intellectual in spirit and a Grand Water Trine is more intuitive.

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